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“Докато няма Акт 16, кошмарът за семействата в комплекса ще продължава. И за да е по-малко поносим, хората започват да си купуват генератори.”

Max Payne 3 review

Max Pyane 3 is very different from the first two installments in the series. And by very different I mean a world apart. First let me define what makes a Max Payne game a Max Payne game.

Noir Atmosphere

The great idea about Max Payne is the noir setting – the game is story rich, the journey is simultaneously internal and external, with retrospection that gives us the background of Max Payne’s pain and explains his daemons. The protagonist is a narrator in the sense of Philip Marlowe’s novels, cracking jokes, sometimes sarcastic. Between levels there is more narration in graphic novel style, making the atmosphere denser and darker, but every sentence is a gem, a beautiful quote worth remembering. Still it can be skipped. Cutscenes are not obtrusive and not very frequent. And most importantly, although you would think this is somehow obvious, after a cutscene you don’t switch to a default weapon.

Now Max Payne 3 has nothing in common with all this. I probably sound harsh, but it is honest to say that there is no game called Max Payne 3, there is a movie with occasional user input. If there is something overdone here this is the cutscene thing. You can not skip them, they are not interesting and on top of that are very long. They do not build the story that much and have I already told you that they are long and boring? But that’s not all. Because you have a cutscene every freaking 2 minutes. From every room to the other there is a cutscene with a incredible voice-over intoning “I have to go to the next room” or something of the sort.
About that dark atmosphere. The original was set in New York in the winter and the gameplay was during the night only. The third part is set in Brazil. Tropical, colorful, sunny and with a ridiculous language you don’t understand. Retrospection does not add to the story. Why is Max drinking and chased by personal daemons is not explained in any convincing way.

Max Paine 3 vs. original – 0/10

Bullet time

The great innovation in the original was the bullet time. In critical moments you can slow-down the time and make shot(s) that are otherwise impossible. Bullet time was controlled by the user and because of that and its use in critical moments it was very easy to start – just press the right mouse button. And if you want to jump in slow-mo in some direction and make a shot in mid-air just jump in some direction while starting bullet time. Easy. But in Max Payne 3 you can take cover behind objects, so you peak behind your cover with the right mouse button. You start bullet time with a keyboard button and can dodge-jump-fire only in one direction. The good thing is that you can fire behind your cover without exposing, which of course is less accurate, but somehow I always forget about this option. And this spends much more ammo. But the stupid thing is that in order to make the game more cinematographic there is game-initiated bullet time, always after a cutscene, which makes is really annoying. So that is why although there is still bullet time in the new Max Payne, it is not like in the original and IMHO it is not an improvement.

Max Paine 3 vs. original – 4/10


The soundtrack of the original two Max Payne games was great. It helped the dark setting, but it was also beautiful. This is one thing where the third game is no different than the original. Actually I write this review while listening to Tears.

Max Paine 3 vs. original – 10/10


The graphics of the original were really something for its time. In Max Payne 3 the graphics are really good but there is nothing spectacular. Still the details and the levels are well done.

Max Paine 3 vs. original – 7/10


In Max Payne 1 & 2 the gameplay is a standard 3rd person shooter. Bullet time and dodging mad it a real cinematographic experience, but in an unobtrusive way, so the gameplay is fluid. You can explore and stay in one place as long as you want. In Max Payne 3 the cutscenes and special action sequences are so numerous, it is more like a rail shooter. All this zipping, chain hanging and firing from a boat/SUV/car/whatever is actually just that. Rail shooting. Dropping you in a place you would not go in your right mind is just that. So you have much less control. This change again is not a positive one, IMHO.

The really annoying things (yes, it is not one thing) about cutsenes are though:

* you are dropped from a cutscene usually behind the most stupid and exposed “cover” in the middle of a room, so you are fired upon from every corner.

* you can’t always understand when the cutscene ends and you have to take control, which is fatal. Literally (for the game character I mean 🙂 )

* After every cutscene you are reverted to the default weapon (the least powerful pistol).

So to visualize all this: Going through a firefight you go near the door of the next room. You lose control and a cutscene starts that just shows how you enter the next room. Behind a cover you see a bunch of bad guys. You go behind the corner, are seen by the bad guys, take cover behind something small and stupid in the middle of the room. Maybe bullet time switches on. Well armed goons are running toward you. You have a tiny amount of time to react before they come behind your cover, but you are not sure when the cutscene ends and if you are already in control. You start shooting only to realize that you return the fire with a 9 mm pistol, although you have a big freaking gun in your OTHER hand and you of course were equipped with it just before the beginning of the cutscene. Result – you are dead in a second, shot from an unknown direction. You are returned before the cutscene to reiterate the here described procedure.

Max Paine 3 vs. original- 0/10

How the CIA brought Animal Farm to the screen


In Orwell’s pessimistic conclusion to Animal Farm, the pigs become indistinguishable from their human masters of old. In the optimistic CIA-approved ending to the film, the (non-pig) animals ask for help from the outside. They are helped, enabling them to crush the evil Stalin ruler. Some endings are more equal than others, it seems.


Из делниците на един луд (http://reduta.bg/v2/article/%D0%B8%D0%B7-%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BB%D0%BD%D0%B8%D1%86%D0%B8%D1%82%D0%B5-%D0%BD%D0%B0-%D0%B5%D0%B4%D0%B8%D0%BD-%D0%BB%D1%83%D0%B4-10-%E2%80%93-14-%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B5%D0%BC%D0%B2%D1%80%D0%B8):
Пък министърът на правосъдието Христо Иванов лани писал във Фейсбук: „Ако протестът наистина е срещу мафията, това значи, че е и срещу Борисов, Цветанов и ГЕРБ… Ако говорим за “операция чисти ръце”, това не може да не включва и изрично искане Борисов и Цветанов да напуснат политиката… Или сме срещу цялата мафия, или нищо не правим! След появяването днес на площада на тези две мутри…” и т.н.

Никой не е толкова бърз, за да избяга от собствените си думи. И сега този мафиот и мутра ще му е началник… Политиката е място за компромиси. Но докъде може да стигне в компромисите, всеки си решава сам.

А Радан Кънев направо е преживял катарзис: „Днес ние ще дадем властта на втория кабинет “Борисов”, аз ще гласувам за него. Бих благодарил на г-н Борисов за променения стил на ГЕРБ. Надявам се да остане такъв…”


Interstellar (2014)
Interstellar poster Rating: 8.6/10 (884,452 votes)
Director: Christopher Nolan
Writer: Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan
Stars: Ellen Burstyn, Matthew McConaughey, Mackenzie Foy, John Lithgow
Runtime: 169 min
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Released: 07 Nov 2014
Plot: A team of explorers travel through a wormhole in space in an attempt to ensure humanity's survival.

Basically it sucks. The story includes many interesting topics from science fiction, the problem is they are not developed well or at all. For me the movie is full of inconsistances and you are required to suspend your brain function too many times. The Earth is fucked up and most of the people are obviously not there. For a movie that tries to convince us that we are messing with our only home the ommitance of the story how the people died is strange choice. So, rural America, no cities, no engineers, only farmers. Dust and some kind of plague are slowly killing the planet. So, the obvious choice is – interstellar, man! We should sit and bang our heads trying to solve the problems of our modern physics to be able to abandon our planet and go to another one. Obviously without learning our lesson and repeating the same mistake. So, as agent Smith from the Matrix said – to behave like virus – hopping from place to place, destroying them in the process. Yes, instead of trying to fix the planet, the really small scientific comunity is trying to unify the four forces and manipulate gravity in order to achieve faster-than-light travel. It is so much easear than combating a bacteria!
Time relativity is a main topic and by itself is an intersting thing. But the recursive causality in it inflicts almost physical pain. The main character gets a message from his future self to “Stay” on Earth and not go, but he of course goes to an interstellar mission. And when everything is fucked up on this mission too (like on Earth) he sends his former self a message to not go on the mission he is right this moment. What is the point. If he somehow succied he won’t be there. Without universe forking his try to stop himself in the past makes no sense.
Then there are these five-dimensional beings. What are they? Humans from the future? Or aliens? They want to help us with this dying Earth problem by giving us the technology to go and fuck up yet another planet. Thanks, we will do this! And then there is the way they want to gives us this knowledge. By creating a tesseract of all time slices of protagonst’s daughter childs room. So he and three other people will go to pointless missions (and this is without counting all the Lazarus missions) so that he will go to this tesseract and send the info about a black hole to his daughter by Morse code via a watch? That is the way to tell us how to go interstellar!?

Characters are actually OK, not flat, not black and white, which is the norm in american flicks.

Intended messages:
Love is most powerful force in the universe.
Humans wanting to survive will achive miracles.
We have to go beyond Earth if we want to survive.

Transieved messages:
When we fuck up a planet we should find another one.
To survive people will do some pretty fucked up things, basically killing all the humans to save themselves.
We need outside help in a form of miracoulus, almost deus-es-machina type of a gift to survive. If we are by ourselves we are not going to make it.

The world is inconsistent.
Are most of the people on Earth dead? What is this catastrophic event that leaves only handful of people, but they are not traumatized about this mass extinction, they just go farming and change history books about the greatness of the american space program.
If the people are not intersted in science and engineering and don’t want to give money for science and space exploration, how will they be convinced to go this space station that will transport them to our new home in different galaxy? How will they be transported to this station orbiting Saturn?
What and why and why in this way are these 5-D beings doing/helping us?
Instead of unpopular space travel why not fixing the problem with dying Earth by actually fixing the Earth, not leaving the planet to die? How it will be easier to move all the Earth’s population half of our solar system and than to another galaxy and then terraforming and building on a new blank planet instead of just solving the problem with a bacteria/virus and dust storms!?!

Във връзка с тази (http://dnes.dir.bg/news_comments.php?id=17799450)новина си мисля, че:
Проруските комунисти (привърженици на Атака, БСП, ББЦ, ПФ и прочие) си спомнят с умиление за комунизЪма и колко хубаво и евтино и прекрасно е било тогава. Те наричат Европа “еврогейове”, американците – “кравари” и смятат Русия за велика и единствена, а западния свят за отрепки, боклуци и причинители на всичко лошо по света.

Проамериканските комунисти (привърженици на ГЕРБ, ДПС, РБ) говорят обратното – Русия е страната на москвичите, руснаците са “мурзилки”, а Америка (не толкова Европа, но Америката) е велика, прекрасна, гениална, свободна и т.н.

Първите смятат, че България е зле, защото гадните американци са съсипали с агента си предателя Горбачов иначе в цветущото състояние СССР. Те не искат да ходят на запад, защото там ще слугуват на еврогейовете да им мият чиниите.

Вторите смятат, че ГЕРБ и премиерът-слънце Борисов ще направи България една прекрасна страна, чудна, работеща, и само лошите комунисти (с които той няма нищо общо) му пречат. Те не биха искали да ходят на запад, защото тук, тук е бъдещето. Ще има чуден бизнес и високи заплати за всички можещи не-мурзилки.

Та се чудя, понеже това са единствените две категории в ДИР-а, аджеба откъде според тях се взимат тези хора, които искат и отиват да работят на запад?

Кои квартали предпочитат автокрадците 1

Мисля по-добре щеше да бъде да кажат кои квартали НЕ са предпочитани от автокрадците. Кажете ми наистина кои остават.
“Овча купел”, “Гоце Делчев”, Бояна, “Стрелбище”, “Младост”, “Дружба”, “Полигона”, Студентски град и “Дървеница”, “Люлин”, “Люлин 5”, “Люлин” 6 и 7, “Люлин” 8, “Св. Троица”, “Банишора”.

Колко сме тъпи?

Експертът по случая с тефтерчетата:
При преминаването по „Монтевидео” подминал отклонението за следствието, и потърсил къде да обърне без да предизвика катастрофа. В един момент спрял, огледал колата и видял, че задната дясна гума е спукана.

Спрял и поради липса на резервна гума се отдалечил, за да потърси помощ. Открил гумаджия, но той му казал, че няма възможност да помогне. На връщане експертът се отклонил встрани “до едни храсталаци по малка нужда” за 3-4 минути. През това време колата му е била без надзор, макар да твърди, че е била заключена.


Are you fucking kidding me? Наистина ли ще преглътнем тая смехотворна история?

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convert “*.jpg” my_new.pdf
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Двоен стандарт

23/05/2014 Бойко: На малоумни хора не обяснявам – кворумът е задължение на управляващите
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