Метро 2035

Metro 2035 (Metro #3)Metro 2035 by Dmitry Glukhovsky
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The third book is definitely the best in the series! It is as interesting and kicking-in-the-teeth dark as the first, but with an even more global perspective on humanity and societies. If the first was a dissection of human society and the gravitational attractors of ideas that emerge everywhere and always, this one has one single premise, it mercilessly converges to a powerful conclusion that is more horrible than selling shit or sex to survive, shooting hungry people, smashing mothers’ heads with steel rods, killing infants or feeding pigs with human flesh. It is not a novel idea, but one that is rarely spoken loud. Make no mistake – it is all about politics. It perfectly sums up everything that is happening in Russia and the former Eastern Block, not only in terms of events and macro mechanisms, but in people’s heads, in this micro-cosmoses, which work surprisingly simply and predictably. But is also all societies, where leaders are deciding on what people to watch, to hear, to believe and to think.
If this is not your first day on this planet you know about the movie The Matrix and the scene where Neo is given a choice – to take the blue pill and continue to live a beautiful lie or to take the red pill and live with the much less flashy and comforting reality. Well, the horrible truth is that people choose the blue pill regularly not only when given Neo’s choice, but even when given the choice between an ugly, terrible reality and a beautiful truth they prefer the disgusting known instead of the potentially better but a little risky unknown. If the machines have told the inhabitants of the matrix the truth and given them choice do you honestly believe that they would have taken the red pill? The truth is that we make this choice every day, at work, at home, at church, at the bank. That we choose not the Truth but our truth, the one that is not necessarily true, but is comforting. Because most people stay at the job they don’t like because “do you know what is out there?”, they hate their country or government but say “well, at least here I am with the my people and out there, it is horrible, do you know what they will do to you?” Because there are women who say “my husband beats me, but at least I have a husband” (and no, it will not change when the patriarchy and hetero-normativity are gone). Because people on protests say “I am against the government but if there is a hint of violence I am gone because I have children.” Because at the end as was said in the wonderful movie “Prestige”: “But you are of course not looking. Because you want to be fooled.”

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