Atomic Blonde review

When I read about the movie, I expected something like Kingsmen or Men from U.N.C.L.E. – contemporary image of an previous era spy movie. Instead Atomic Blonde is some feminist lesbian fetish with main goal to get even for every male-lead-role spy movie in the world. Charlize Theron character is a kick-ass chick, who is so over the top better than any adversary, that it is ridiculous, it almost make you root for the bad guys. Usually action movies have some main bad character, boss enemy, who is difficult to beat and makes the audience uncertain and wishing the happy ending. But for that to work there should be some challenge, some difficulties for the main character. Not for the atomic blonde however. She is a mix of perfect qualities – irresistibly attractive, better in hand-to-hand combat than any of selected male twice as heavy KGB agents and of course smarter than any friend or foe. To make the feminist/lesbian image of a spy movie perfect there are is more however:
* She has sex with the only other noticeable female character, that makes them close and kind of two-girls-against-the-whole-world
* She is so hot and sensual when she is interrogated by her colleagues, that they look weak and pathetic
* The previous was obviously not telling enough for her superiority, so they have to made her boss a midget-like type, who is made uncomfortable by her attractiveness and dominance. If after all this someone still has any doubts who is on top there is the scene where her boss says “I am your superior” and she answers that he is not with such contempt and disgust that the viewer has to be convinced how the whole idea of an male to be superior to woman is absurd.

As a result instead female James Bond (if you look at the poster the James in James McAvoy is written in a font very similar to James Bond typography and under it is the word Blonde 🙂 ) you get some kind of Chuck Norris kind of impossibly tough femme fatale.
On the bright side the film have some good points – the soundtrack and camera work are really good, but this can not compensate for the lack of suspense, mediocre story and superwoman type of main character.

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